Sedona Synergy Medicine

Offering both on-site and long-distance consultation, Sedona Synergy Medicine

 blendsalternative and traditional Western medicine to support your healing in the most effective and least invasive way possible. 

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Thomas A. Ritchie, M.D.

An experienced Arizona physician with a specialty in anesthesia and pain management, Dr. Tom Ritchie has also trained extensively in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. His thirty years of training and clinical experience provide him a unique perspective with which to diagnose the true underlying causes of your health problems.    

Dr. Ritchie targets three specific health care concerns:

  • The management of most painful conditions, both acute and chronic
  • The prevention of new diseases, or the worsening of existing conditions
  • The promotion of optimal health and well-being for each patient

These health goals are attainable by carefully selecting from among the most appropriate treatment options currently available to physicians from both the contemporary Western and Eastern medical sciences.

Your Treatment

The Interview

Dr. Ritchie conducts a relaxed interview that ensures the patient is able to include any information he or she feels contributes to his/her overall state of health. Then, ample time is allowed to answer any questions or concerns regarding the diagnosis, treatment options or questions about Chinese medicine in general. It is said in Chinese medicine that a superior physician is one who not only treats the disease, but who also educates the patient to prevent its return.


Dr. Ritchie uses a wide variety of acupuncture techniques with the patients he sees in his office. Read more about Sedona acupuncture

Chinese Herbs

In addition to acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas are also prescribed as needed. The use of herbal pharmacology is as common in Chinese medicine as drug prescriptions are in this country. Dr. Ritchie prescribes herbal formulas in combination with acupuncture or, when indicated, by themselves.  The herbs are imported from China and exceed all USA government regulations for quality assurance.  They are certified to be free of all adulterants, contaminants and are within industry standard for dose and concentration. Herbal formulas may be taken as tablets, capsules, powders or decoctions (a tea made from raw, whole herbs).

Long-distance Consultations

Dr. Ritchie also conducts long-distance consultations for new and returning patients. Long-distance consultations can be done via Skype or a regular phone line.

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